medal mounting




Court Mounted Medals:

To Court Mount medals the buckram is machine sewn together, it is then cut to the required size. The buckram is then covered in fabric. The medal ribbons are then sewn onto the barbic covered buckram. Once this is done the medals are machine sewn on to the buckram.

The medal broach is then sewn on to the back of the buckram and the medals are sewn down. The medals should be level at the bottom. Throughout the whole process the finished product is either machined or hand sewn; any other process, as used by less skilled craftsmen, is unacceptable.

This process firmly fixes the medals to the buckram meaning that there is little movement, if any at all, between the medals or upon the garment to which they are fixed. This also means that the medals will not bang together, reducing the knocking and chipping that may occur. If a medal has a ring, as opposed to a bar, e.g. a Jubilee, Nato or UN medal, then it is less likely that the medal will work loose from the ribbon due to the join in the ring (have a look at your own medal(s).


Loose Mounted Medals:

Basically the medal ribbon is placed throught the medal(s) ring or bar and then attached to the medal bar and sewn down. I loose mount my medals slightly differently, giving them a better finish and making them more secure. However, if this process is used, there is a very high chance that the medals will knock together and damage may occur to the medals. If you have a medal with a ring, e.g. Jubilee, Nator or UN medal(s), there is a chance that the medal will work its way free of the ribbon.



I have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to mounting medals. I have not mentioned any of my little secrets that I do to give a great finish to your medals. Throughout my career I have seen what I would call appalling attempts at mounting medals by so called specialists. Medals should never be glued or stapled. I have seen cardboard, plastic and even metal frames used instead of buckram.

These are your medals, you have earned them and they should be mounted for wear in a manner that is fitting. If you have any questions, please ask me.