kilt measurement

It is absolutely essential that you take accurate measurements, as described below. No responsibility can be accepted for kilts made to your measurements, where these are found to be inaccurate.

it is advised that you:

........... Use a cloth measuring tape.

........... Have someone take the measurements for you.

.......... Once you have your measurements...... TAKE THEM AGAIN!!!

Remember..... If you try to take your own measurements you are guaranteed to get them wrong. The simple act of bending your body will create inaccuracy.

Once you have ordered your kilt we will need these measurements from you. Remember to specify whether you have measured in inches or centimetres.

Measure A

A. Measure the waist - Located between the hip and the first rib.

(Across the Belly Button / Naval)


Remember, this is the correct waist measurement for a kilt. Do not be mistaken and try to use the location where modern trousers sit on the hip
Measure B

B. Measure the hips/seat at the widest part

Make sure you ensure you measure around the widest part of the seat.
Measure C

C. Measure the distance between your waist and the centre of your kneecap.