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100% Pure Wool 16oz

Knife Pleat - £590.00

Box Pleat - £670.00

Plain Colour Kilts - £630.00

Old & Rare Knife Pleat - £750.00

Old & Rare Box Pleat - £830.00

Heavy Weight Kilt Options
Pleat to Set, or Stripe?

100% Pure Wool 13oz

Knife Pleat - £560.00

Box Pleat - £640.00

Plain Colour Kilts - £600.00

Old & Rare Knife Pleat - £710.00

Old & Rare Box Pleat - £790.00

Medium Weight Kilt Options
Pleat to Set or Stripe?


Cut Make and Trim

Tartan - £470:00
Plain - £500:00

Strip Down & Remake

Tartan - £490:00
Plain - £510:00

This is the cost of making, or stipping down and remaking, your kilt if you provide your own tartan.

Cut/Make/Trim Choices


All of our kilts are handmade by Master Kiltmaker, George McKay, a member of the Guild of Master Craftsmen. All his kilts carry a lifetime warranty on workmanship. This excludes faults which may develop over time in the tartan and postage.

Each kilt is personalised for you by Master Kiltmaker McKay. Each kilt is made using a minimum 8 yards of tartan. In addition, all kilts are completely hand sewn and pressed. He does not use industrial techniques. Each kilt will be uniquely tailored to your requirements. In order to do so you will be contacted, personally, by Master Kiltmaker McKay to discuss your individual requirements. How better to know you are getting exactly what you require than to speak to the person who is going to make your kilt?

If you are unsure which tartan you require, you may find this link of some use: SCOTTISH TARTAN FINDER

If you are unable to find the tartan you require, use our contact link above and we will do our best to assist you.